Want to increase the value and functionality of your home and expand your living and entertaining seasons? Invest in a spectacular  outdoor space. This often-overlooked area offers the perfect opportunity to increase your property’s usable space. Today’s outdoor spaces are often as carefully crafted and equipped as their indoor counterparts.

Staycations Are Easier Than Vacations

Every weekend can feel like a mini-vacation. No need for elaborate plans or flight arrangements. Having a well-designed and equipped outdoor living area can sub for a shore or mountain house, without the drive. We actually plan our weekends at home to be like vacations – we shop for food & drinks in advance, then head out to the poolhouse for the weekend – without the interruption of having to “head out” for anything. If we plan on having several guests, we sometimes hire a bartender/server through a local catering company to man the grill and keep the cocktails topped-up.

Improving your outdoor space will require an initial investment, but when you compare this cost to that of annual or semiannual vacations, or a second home, you’ll probably find that splurging on your backyard is a cost-effective option in the long run. Plus, when you create a staycation oasis in your own backyard, you won’t have to worry about bed bugs in your hotel room or never-ending TSA lines.

More Space When You Need It Most

Thoughtfully designed outdoor spaces don’t just improve your backyard; they also expand your living area. A deck or patio renovation that features multiple seating or activity areas can double or triple your home’s seasonal living space. Since many of us are most active during the warmer months – weekend barbeques, kids activities, summer vacation, increased entertaining – additional outdoor space makes sense.

After you add a state-of-the-art grill, a swimming pool or bubbling hot tub, fire pit, waterfall, outdoor television or other luxurious touches, you just might spend more time outdoors than indoors. Maximizing your outdoor space can be an effective way to add living and entertaining space for less than the high cost for a building addition. Although an elaborate, feature-rich outdoor living area can represent a significant investment, they are still generally more affordable than a full building addition.

Outdoor Spaces Are Kid Magnets

Kids love spending time outdoors, particularly if your home has plenty of features they’ll enjoy, like a tree house or swimming pool. Not only will your kids want to stay close by, but your house may become the place where other kids hang out – meaning you’ll never have to go searching for your children when it’s time for dinner. In this day and age, finding ways to keep your kids close for both quality family time and peace of mind can be priceless.

Entertaining Options Increase

Outdoor spaces expand your entertaining options. Larger groups of both adults and kids are generally much easier to accommodate outdoors than inside. If you love to entertain, the cozy winter dinner party gives way in the summer to the outdoor blow-out! Well-designed outdoor spaces allow the party to flow effortlessly from indoors to outdoors, particularly when you add large folding, sliding or French doors to the back of your home. Since outdoor spaces are usually less formal than indoor spaces, set up and clean up is quicker and easier.

Resale Value Climbs

Adding an impressive outdoor space can help sell your house and get you the price you want. In many neighborhoods, what sells a given house more quickly – and for more money – than its neighbors is differentiation. The house that has what none of its neighbors have can be the hottest seller. On the other hand, outdoor living spaces have become one of the most popular projects in the remodeling market today. In some luxury neighborhoods, a house without a well-equipped outdoor space is considered incomplete.

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