Our Team

Meet our team! We’re skilled designers, project managers, architects, and business people who share a passion for making the most of the home you love.

Pete Cooper, CEO
Builder, designer, gourmet cook, philosopher, and general swashbuckler. Our guiding light.

Sandy Cooper

Sandy Cooper, General Manager
Style and substance at the tiller of our ship; uses Excel to plan both projects and parties.

Jenna Quindlen

Jenna Quindlen, Office Manager
Funny, smart, and supremely organized. Can answer any question about anything, anytime.

Bob Coates

Bob Coates, Production Manager
Skilled, experienced, and focused. Guides his team with a mix of humor and know-how.

Rich Davis

Rich Davis, Remodeling Consultant
Knows the remodeling business inside out. Our clients’ first call, and with you all the way.

Fred Genter

Fred Gender, Project Coordinator
King of value engineering, Fred makes sure there are no surprises in your budget.

Kyra Miller

Kyra Miller, Senior Project Designer
Soul of an artist, mind of a project manager, Kyra’s designs breathe life into our work.

Andrew Illein

Andrew Illein, Architect
Whether remodeling or creating an addition, function and form are at the heart of Andrew’s work.

Amanda Bahn

Amanda Bahn, Senior Project Designer
NCIDQ-certified and fun to work with, Amanda’s design insights take every project to a new level.

Rich Ball

Rich Ball, Project Manager
Problem solver and electrical wizard, you’ll miss Rich when your project’s finished!

John Julius

John Julius, Production Assistant
Competent, quick, thorough, and funny, Johnnie is simply indispensable.

Jake McEvoy

Jake McEvoy, Project Manager
Detail- and service-oriented, Jake makes orchestrating complex projects look easy.

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