We work on home remodeling projects for our clients every day, but rarely on our own spaces. But we do have our own remodeling dreams. Here’s a look at what the SCD teamwould do to our own homes if time and money allowed.

This little experiment came with some limits — “what would you do to your home now, and you can’t say build a new house.” The answers were projects many of our clients want too. They also give insight into how the individuals on our team think, and why we work so well together.

In Which Pete Flouts the Rules Immediately

“I would do a new custom house that represents all of the things I have learned so far. It would have to have:

  • A serious kitchen, with a design focused on cooking and entertaining for groups of up to 12.
  • A ground-floor master suite with lots of natural light and a large indoor/outdoor master bath.
  • Tons of retractable glass connecting the house to a killer outdoor area with a kitchen and a swimming pool.
  • Building science. I would geek out on the envelope, HVAC and on-site energy production.”

So, yes, Pete broke the rules immediately — but he’s supposed to think big. It’s how he finds new ideas and innovative and elegant solutions to roadblocks. When he geeks out, our clients get amazing results. So we’ll allow it.



Sandy Wants a Makeover

“I’d connect my two houses together into one large home and remodel the outside so it looks like one of the beautiful old stone houses in Honey Brook.”

Here’s a little background — Sandy and Pete have a rental property next door to their home. Currently one floor is occupied by her parents and there’s an unrelated tenant on the other floor. They have an amazing pool complex behind it. Sandy’s in expansion mode, but still wants to take care of family and make the most of where she is now. Sandy keeps things grounded in what matters, while making life more beautiful. It’s a skillset our clients depend on.
Kyra Has a Lot of Ideas
Our designer Kyra’s wish list, for the home she shares with her husband and two kids:
  • Add first and second floor fireplaces — wood burning for when we lose power.
  • Have a spiral slide from upstairs to downstairs.
  • Finish my basement.
  • A dry-lay patio kitchenette complete with fire pit, hot tub, and cafe lighting.

This list really tells you who she is — brimming with ideas — and how she sees what a home should be. There’s room for  fun and whimsical touches like the slide, but with an emphasis on eminently practical choices like the fireplaces. And it’s all going to be done with an eye toward quality work and finishes, with amazing touches in color and texture.

Jason’s Thinking of His Family

“I’d go for an addition, with a four-season room below and an office/sitting room above. Then I’d convert our current sitting room into a giant walk-in closet.”

A plan that benefits everyone. He and his wife get a bigger closet and an office, while they and their two sons get a whole new room. It’s exactly what you’d expect — Jason’s a guy who really does think of others first, which makes him such a strong advocate for our clients as project manager.

To be fair, he’s not afraid of his goofy side — he may have also mentioned something about adding another house connected by a tunnel in case of the zombie apocalypse. Be prepared, Jason, be prepared!



Ryan: a Man Cave and the Great Outdoors

“I would have a finished basement with:

  • A bar, TV, couch, pool table.
  • A slider to an outside patio with fire pit, pool, for outdoor entertainment.
  • Also need a fenced-in yard for Finn to run.”

Finn is Ryan’s smart and lovable Border Collie. We didn’t ask ask Ryan to come up with costs for his project, but as our estimator, he’d have them turned around quickly — and accurately.

Finn would really enjoy that bigger pool, by the way.



Nadine Needs a Retreat

“I’d convert a spare bedroom into a closet and make it my ‘woman cave.'”remodel-scd-dream-big-spare
As our office manager, Nadine is the key contact for our clients and vendors — she makes sure bills are sent or paid, keeps on top of services and scheduling, and generally just makes everything go, all while keeping a level head and a great sense of humor. A quiet place to recharge sounds exactly right.
This is How Liz Got Here
I’m the brand manager now, but I first met SCD as a client. I got my dream remodel of a dated ranch on a sloping lot. We bought it for the potential and the grounds, and met with Pete even before we made settlement.
We worked with SCD to create a bright open living space we absolutely love — it’s a great place for just the two of us and our dog, Tess, and transforms into a great party and entertaining space. I got the BlueStar cooktop I’ve been coveting for more than a decade. My husband got all the mood-lighting and electronics controlled with apps he wanted.
We experienced how SCD works for clients, first-hand. I believe in the process and the results.
Still, as a serial remodeler, I’d love to tackle the master bath, opening up a claustrophobic shower and making better use of the space. And budget constraints kept the gorgeous quarter-sawn hardwood only in the public space — someday it will go into the bedrooms. There’s always more to do!
If any of these ideas spark your own, just let us know — we love making dreams come true.


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