Coming soon to a tech savvy kitchen near you.

Today, everyone is constantly connected to their electronic devices…smart phones, tablets, laptops, and e-readers.  We like convenience and we want things faster.  It stands to reason that top appliance companies and material manufacturers have started creating innovative new products to satisfy the demand for tech savvy kitchen products.  We’ve done our research and compiled some of the newest technology coming to a kitchen near you.

Look out for these tech savvy kitchen innovations.

1. Countertops that charge your wireless devices.  Corian is introducing a countertop that has an embedded Powermat wireless charging station. Simply lay your device on the counter and voila – charge your phone while you prepare or eat dinner.

2.  Induction cooktops with touchscreen technology.  Whirlpool is working on a product that combines induction cooking and social connectivity.  Your recipe can be displayed right beside the cookware you are preparing it in.

3.   Texting your appliances.  No we aren’t kidding. HomeChat, developed by LG will allow you to text your connected appliances. You can ask your refrigerator if the eggs have expired or you instruct the dishwasher to start the wash cycle.

4.  Smart refrigerators.  Samsung has developed a refrigerator with wifi that will allow you to make phone calls, watch tv, or access cooking apps from its built-in screen.

5.  Sensor cooking microwaves. No more burnt popcorn!  Whirlpool now has a microwave with Accupop technology that measures the time between pops and adjusts cooking time as necessary.  It also tracks the cooking progress of other foods as well so that you don’t have to stand-by watching and checking your  meal.

That’s just a few of our favorite tech savvy kitchen devices.  When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, contact Spring Creek Design to discuss your ideas.  We truly listen, and strive to understand your story, your needs and your dreams.


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