Many remodeling projects present great opportunities to pamper your pet, as well as make life easier for you as their caregiver. Consider including these features as you design your project:

  1. Mudroom Projects – this is a perfect place to add all sorts of pet features – built-in beds, bulk food storage, elevated bathing/grooming tables, litter boxes and feeding/watering stations can all be incorporated into a well-designed mudroom.
  2. Kitchen Projects – Kitchens and pantries are natural places to integrate food storage and feeding/watering stations. Built-in bedding is a nice feature as well, particularly if your pets prefer to be in close proximity to you (rather than napping in a far corner of the house)
  3. Basement Finishing – Many cat owners keep the litter box in the unfinished basement – so what do you do when the basement is slated for conversion to a finished space? Under stair areas and utility areas lend themselves well to the installation of built-in cat boxes. These can be designed to include storage for bulk cat litter and cleaning tools. An electrical outlet is a snap to provide for automated litter box enclosures before the drywall goes up. Owners of sporting and agility dogs can find room for well-organized storage for training equipment and other kit required by their active breeds as a part of a basement project.
  4. Garage and Outbuilding construction – Serious dog owners, trainers and breeders often have needs that are best met with larger spaces – conversion of a garage bay or construction of a separate outbuilding are great options for creating equipment storage, bathing/grooming stations, whelping areas, kennels and runs. Design of these spaces warrants an article of its own!

Check us out on Houzz! – One of our under-stair cat boxes is featured in this Houzz editorial on pet-friendly features:

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