Time-for-a-Dip-Inspiration-for-Your-Home-Oasis.jpgAre you tired of dealing with the noise, crowds and chaos at local swimming pools and lakes? When you build your own pool, a dip in the water becomes a much more peaceful, enjoyable experience. Not sure which type of pool will work best in your yard? Take a look at our roundup of popular pool types and features.

Which Type of Pool is Right for You?

Builders offer three types of pools, each with their own advantages.

  • Concrete Pools: These pools offer the most flexibility, because they can be created in any shape you desire. They’re made by shooting concrete onto a steel-reinforced wall. After the concrete dries, the walls are covered by plaster. Although construction of a concrete pool takes between one and three months, the pools are very durable and can be refinished or enlarged.
  • Vinyl-Lined Pools: Vinyl pools consist of a vinyl liner stretched over an aluminum- or steel-framed wall. Although you’re more limited in terms of the shapes available to you, these pools come in rectangular, L-shape, T-shape, round, oval and freeform styles. Vinyl-lined pools can be installed in just one to three weeks. Sharp objects can damage the liner, but investing in a heavy-duty liner will minimize the risk of scratching.
  • Fiberglass Pools: Fiberglass pools are the least expensive option because they are pre-formed and dropped into a hole dug in your yard. You won’t have as many selections in the way of shape as a concrete pool affords, but fiberglass pool manufacturers offer a variety of the most common pool designs, including a large number of freeform designs. Fiberglass pools can be installed in just two to three days. Since they’ll be placed in your yard in one piece, you’ll need to make sure your yard can accommodate a crane.

Do You Want to Go Natural?

Natural pools use biological filters to clean the water, rather than chlorine. A regeneration zone, a water-filled area that’s not used for swimming, is placed next to the pool. The regeneration zone is filled with plants that help filter the water before returning it to the main pool. You’ll need to make sure you have enough space for both the natural pool and regeneration zone if you choose this option.

Features That Transform Your Pool Area into Your Yard’s Hot Spot

Take advantage of several features that will increase your enjoyment of your pool, including:

  • Water Features: You can never get wet enough in a pool. Why not install a small fountain or add jets that spray water into the pool in a graceful arc? Waterfalls, water sconces and cascading water features are particularly popular pool additions.
  • Sun Tanning Ledges: These shallow ledges rim the edge of the pool and provide a convenient spot to place a lounge chair. Since the ledges are only about a foot deep, they’re a good place for the kids to play, too.
  • Zero Entry: You’ll feel like you’re at a resort when you build a zero entry pool. These pools offer a sloping entrance that allows you to wade into your pool.
  • Lighting: LED lights not only make night swimming easier, but also help you set a mood. You control the color and settings for the lights and can even design your own light show.

Add a Spa for Instant Relaxation

Spas are a common pool add-on. Their bubbling jets offer an excellent way to soothe tired muscles and recover from your busy day. Spas are most commonly connected to your pool and use the same water. The newest types of spas are actually integrated into the middle or a corner of your pool for swim-up convenience.

Create an At-Home Getaway

The area around your pool is just as important as the pool itself when you create a backyard oasis. Soft, comfortable loungers and umbrellas or pool shades help keep sun bathers comfortable. Adding a bar area offers convenient storage for drinks or snacks, plus you’ll avoid puddles of water in your kitchen from dripping bathing suits.

Natural stone pavers, or wood or brick tiles add warmth to your pool deck, but for real heat, you’ll need a fire feature. Fire pits, fireplaces and fire bowls make the pool area the place to be when the sun goes down.

A pool adds the finishing touch to any major home remodeling project. Whether you’re ready to begin a home renovation in Wayne, Audubon or anywhere in between, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Give us a call to learn how we can help you create the ultimate backyard oasis.

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