It’s a wrap on our remodel in Exton! Our clients, Matt and MJ, had a house they liked well enough, but it was the location — on a great piece of land — that was really the selling point for them.

They’ve systematically improved the place. The last piece of the puzzle, though, was giving the exterior a little love. In fact, it got a total face lift, a garage addition with extra living and storage space, and replacing the sad, sagging screened porch.

We’re going to concentrate on the exterior, and we’ll cover the interior in another post. C’mon, let’s take the tour!little-love-remodel-exton-reveal-ext.jpg


Matt and MJ wanted to update the exterior while adding the garage. The darker palette with corrugated metal accents gives the home a modern farmhouse feel. And it’s a huge departure from the original white brick.






The Garage and Porch


The garage addition has room for two cars, and a finished room above. Removing the existing screened porch made room for another window in the living room — allowing natural light to flood the living room.



The Screened Porch, Removed & Replaced

The idea of a screened porch was appealing, though the reality of the existing structure was less so. After tearing it down, the location moved to the end of the house, where it has an entrance to the dining room inside, and a door to the patio with a view of the backyard pool.


The interior of the screened porch is light and bright.  The ceiling fans will keep air moving and cool the space even in the heat of summer.

The door opening onto the existing patio space also encourages use of the porch as a buffer zone between the pool and the house — keeping dripping feet and towels off the hardwood floor in the house.









A New Entrance

In the old layout, the front door opened directly into the living room. We added a foyer space, coat closet, storage pantry, and powder room (the main floor originally lacked a bathroom).


The long covered porch acts as a cue for visitors to use the front door, rather than entering through the garage or the back entrance.

This is where we’ll start next time — entering the home through its new foyer! See where we started and how it looked half-way through.

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