Our clients make some great decisions when we’re selecting stoves and other appliances for their kitchen remodels. But every one of our projects is different, because your kitchen should reflect you, your taste, and your cooking style. Some cooks won’t look at anything without open gas burners, others want the latest innovations, and others need at least two ovens. So picking the right stove isn’t easy — it has to work hard while looking great.

These stoves run the gamut from old-school to high-tech, can suit a variety of home decor, and — this may be the most important — they all perform like champs.

Take a look at what our clients are loving:

1. La Cornue’s Heritage and Performance


It’s as at home in a rustic farmhouse as it is in a sleek modern marvel, and everywhere in between. A La Cornue gas range is  a beautifully crafted machine for creating amazing results that stays true to its heritage of fine French cooking and baking. Its signature vaulted ovens guarantee  even baking and roasting, and they can be heated either by gas or electricity. In the model above, there’s one gas and electric oven, topped by your choice in burner configuration.


2. BlueStar’s Pro Style and Firepowerhotstuff5stoveskitchenremodelsbluestar.jpg

BlueStar range or cooktop gives a home cook the power and versatility of a restaurant stove while remaining in compliance with building codes. BlueStar offers the most powerful open burner gas range available for the home, up to 22,000 BTU, along with a low simmer burner. Handcrafted in Reading, PA, BlueStar’s parent company originally made professional ranges for other brands, the best-known of which is Garland (Julia Child’s Garland is in the Smithsonian). You can choose from a variety of colors for oven doors and knobs to customize it for your kitchen.


3. Bosch’s Induction


Induction cooking is the latest innovation in stove and burner technology. This Bosch induction cooktop looks, at first glance, exactly like a standard electric smoothtop. But induction delivers fast cooktop heat and excellent simmering capabilities. The elements on induction ranges quickly generate heat through an electromagnetic field, a process called thermal conduction. The cooking surface interacts with your pans to deliver the heat goods. Cleanup is easy, but you’ll need the right pots and pans — test them with a magnet. If the magnet sticks well to the bottom of your cookware, it’s good to go. Cast iron, steel, steel with an enamel covering like Le Creuset, and some stainless steel cookware all work with induction.


4. This LG’s Double Ovens


This range from LG offers 7.3 cubic feet of oven capacity. The smaller top oven heats quickly for smaller batches while the larger oven also offers infrared heating to mimic the searing you’d get on a grill without preheating. With two ovens, you can cook or bake different items at the same time, perfect for big events and holiday entertaining.


5. Bertazzoni Heritage Range’s Throwback Appeal


This Italian import has retro appeal, but modern power and engineering. While its utilitarian good looks blend with any era, it’s perfectly suited to an era-appropriate renovation in a late Victorian or Arts and Crafts bungalow. Like the La Cornu, Bertazzon’s manufacturing history goes back more than a century. The Heritage ranges are available in three colors, and the matte finish is acid and temperature resistant.

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