We’re almost there — just awaiting the finishing touches — installation of the dog runs and some work around the trash corral. But take a look what’s already happened.
The reconfigured front entry has a new concrete pathway, corrugated metal siding, and that modern bright front door. By moving the entry, we made a small foyer, avoiding guests entering directly into the living room.
The color theme recurs at the back door — which was bumped out from the kitchen to create a mudroom.
Take a look at the gable window above the door. When the homeowners did their interior remodel 15 years ago, they had to come up with a way to fill an unused vent opening from the kitchen in the old gable end. They filled a frame of glass and wood with marbles — and dubbed it Poor Man’s Stained Glass. The old marble window didn’t survive demolition, so the homeowners made two more — to replace the old one and continue the tradition in the mudroom window. This time, it turned into a a bit of a competition.
There’s the more abstract style in the mudroom.
And a more patterned interpretation — the bands of color represents a beach scene, with sky, clouds, ocean and beach.
Inside, a happy result of using new windows and adding lath to the exterior masonry to attach the siding created 12-inch window sills. It creates an old-house look and gives the homeowners lots of room for their orchids. The cat of the house, Louie, also loves the deeper sills!
Take a look at where we’ve been with this project, and vote for your favorite marble window design in the comments!
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