Remodeling your kitchen can bring you much joy, endless possibilities for cooking inspiration, and fantastic resale value.  While planning your dream kitchen, it’s a great time to add in appliances and features you have always wanted at your fingertips.

So what are the latest kitchen Must-Haves? Take a look through our favorites gleaned from conversations with our clients.  Is your “must” on the list?

1. Drawer Dishwasher

These dishwashers are so convenient. They are easy to load and unload, particularly when positioned close by dish or glass storage, or close to the sink.  They are great for smaller kitchens, are energy efficient and use less water.

Clients with larger kitchens or those who do a lot of enter have opted to install two drawers. Use only one when loads are light; use two when the family descends for Sunday dinner.


2. Specialty Pull-Out Storage

More storage is what so many of our clients are looking for in a kitchen remodel.  Storage can be a paramount
concern. The trend in custom pullout storage drawers and doors has been increasingly popular.

Pull-out storage can be placed into the smallest of crevices between cabinetry.  The style and layout of the storage can cater to different items.  So think through your storage needs. What might work best for cereal, may not be best for spices.

Also, take into consideration layout and placement within the kitchen, and how often you visit that cabinet while cooking.

pullout kitchen drawers3. Drawers Instead of Doors

Using drawers for storage is a trend that just keeps building.  The convenience of drawer storage for everything from the heaviest pots and pans, to the tiniest teaspoons is obvious. Drawers allow you to see what is stored and make it easier to access and lift heavy items. You can get a ton of storage space into cabinetry through the use of multiple stacked draws.

Do your research! There are many combinations, from corner drawer storage, to in cabinet pull-out drawers, and even hidden drawers.

Keep in mind that cabinetry outfitted with drawer storage is more expensive than shelf storage behind a simple door. But the convenience drawer storage provides might outweigh that caveat.

modern-kitchen-sinks4. The Kitchen Sink + Accessories

Many sinks being installed in newly outfitted kitchens these days are farmhouse style or undermount sinks. These styles can bring a great look to your design, the sizes vary, and the clean lines of the undermount sink work well with the modern kitchen designs so popular now.

For more detail on new sink styles see our blog Countless Kitchen Sink Options.

Many of our clients are choosing a two-sink option for their kitchen. A large sink that fits the pasta pot as well as large cookie sheets for easy cleaning, and then a smaller work sink in another convenient location.  This can be for small cleanups, or for access when you are entertaining.

The latest trend we see is kitchen sinks with built-in accessories such as colanders and cutting boards, or sinks with two or three separate compartments for food prep.

Here is a video that shows the workings of this new sink design:

Sleek Modern Kitchen Hardware5. Sleek Hardware

We love these looks. Sleek hardware can add so much to the overall look and design of your kitchen.

Not a hardware fan? Create a super sleek look with hidden hand-holds on your cabinets. There are a number of hidden designs for these handholds to choose from.

6. Appliance Integration

Seamless design in the modern kitchen gets more so every year. A few years ago appliance garages were the rage, creating storage solutions in the kitchen for those appliances not used everyday – stand mixers, espresso machines, blenders. That trend towards a more sleek design has continued to grow.

From built-in, cabinet-faced fridges, freezers and dishwashers, to flush-mount wall ovens and microwaves – appliances have become artfully blended into our kitchen design.

What’s a cool built-in trend?  Our clients are talking about coffee makers. They fit into cabinetry flush with the wall, and a few provide convenient storage for cups or mugs.  High style off-counter placement for that cup of joe.

7. Statement Kitchen Lighting

There are a few trends in kitchen lighting, depending on your style.  One thing they all have in common is lighting as a statement piece.  So bring the light out of the recesses and show off that fixture. Modern or traditional-make it glow!

Beautiful, large statement piece chandeliers can pull a kitchen design together.  We have seen smaller chandeliers in pairs or in triplicate to light work spaces appropriately, and stylishly.
modern kitchen lighting chandeliers
Pendant lighting is still the most requested.  They can punch up your kitchen design be it industrial, farmhouse, modern, minimalist or traditional.

industrial kitchen pendent lighting

Pendants direct the light where you need it most, create mood lighting when dimmed, and through their design add color, texture, and whimsy to your kitchen style.  Fabulous form, phenomenal function.

Was your favorite kitchen “must-have” listed? If not, share it with us below.  We love to hear your ideas.

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