When our newest clients first called, the need was clear — a full exterior remodel and addition — at least one. The family had grown since they bought the home, and things were getting cramped for Dan and Emily and their three active kids. Garage space also had to be added to house a classic car being handed down.

Even with the need for extra space, the exterior makeover drove the project. The home sits in a great location, backing up onto acres of parkland. “Every night when I drive down the driveway, looking at the house just depresses me,” Dan said. “I love where we live, and I’d like to make more of the views out of the back, but the exterior is depressing.”

Loving the lot but not everything about the house is a common reason people call us, like the our garage addition and makeover in Exton.

What We Found


The exterior wasn’t as bad as we expected, at least at first glance. But a closer look revealed deterioration resulting from deferred maintenance. The garage is packed with bikes and sports gear, and the added space is needed for the heirloom car.



Inside, exercise equipment shares space with a couch and TV in the living room. There’s a larger two-story space that’s awkwardly placed between the kitchen and living room. Emily works from home regularly, and the office is upstairs and away from the rest of the house.


What’s Ahead




With a reimagining of rooms and an addition, the two-story space and kitchen will flow into the new family room, which will boast a fireplace and wall of windows looking out to the park. The former living room will be the master bedroom suite, with a large bath and walk-in closet.

The lower level of that addition will house the new home gym.




The office will find a new home, as we enclose an open porch outside the kitchen.

Check back in soon to see how it’s progessing.

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