The latest trends in outdoor living revolve around entertaining and relaxing.

The popularity of outdoor remodeling projects has been on a major uptick.  Homeowners are deciding to invest in their outdoor spaces to expand their home’s entertainment and living areas.  In the warmer months, many of our clients use their outdoor living areas as their main gathering space for parties and family gatherings.

Here are the hottest trends making their way into homeowner’s backyards.

  • Outdoor kitchens.  Fully outfitted kitchens are a top remodeling request, including built-in grills surrounded by plenty of counter workspace and islands with bar seating.  Many incorporate sinks and refrigerators so that the cooking and preparation can all take place outside.
  • Fire pits & fireplaces. Adding a fire element to the outdoor living space adds ambiance and allows you to extend use into the cooler months.

    Wood burning adobe fireplace

    California Mission Style Patio by Spring Creek Design

  • Lighting. Outdoor lighting can be as sophisticated as what you do indoors.  Beyond the obvious lighting to allow you to maneuver and see your guests, the trend is to add ambiance lighting to highlight gardens or architectural details.

    Spring Creek Design Outdoor Living

    Custom wine-bottle light fixtures adorn this outdoor kitchen by Spring Creek Design.

  • Gardens.  The popularity of “farm to table” restaurants has made its way to our homes.  The trend to grow your own vegetables and herbs is on the rise.  It’s rewarding to be able to tell your guests that you grew the ingredients for the meal you are preparing.Farm to table outdoor living
  • Reducing the lawn area.  The trend is to borrow space from expansive lawns to create landscaped gardens, patios, or decks.

We absolutely love working with clients to create outdoor living spaces and have created some very unique spaces over the years.  Here’s a link to several of the outdoor living spaces we have completed.  If you are ready to consider expanding your living space outdoors, please call us.


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