There was a time when a man’s personal space in the home was relegated to the garage or the shed.   Fortunately, times have changed and today we embrace creating spaces for indulging in hobbies and special interests.  That space is what we call the man cave.  Don’t be put off by the name; they don’t have to be dark and exclude the ladies.  In fact, the aesthetic of the space depends completely on the individual and many times can become a family’s favorite place to spend time and entertain.

To get your juices flowing, we’ve compiled a list of our top five man cave design trends.

1. The Sports Fanatic. Devote your man cave to your favorite sport or professional team. Display sports memorabilia, jerseys, or your own trophies.  Make sure to include a large television and comfortable chairs or a sectional for watching the games.

The Sports Fanatic Man Cave

Sports Fanatic Man Cave by Spring Creek Design

2. The Theater.  You can really go hi-tech with your in-home theaters by installing surround sound, special lighting and 3-D televisions.  Incorporate real theater type seating and even a popcorn machine to make the experience authentic.

3. The Game Room.  From poker to pool, your game room can be personalized to fit your game of choice.

The Game Room Man Cave

The Game Room Man Cave by Spring Creek Design

4. The Music Studio.  Musicians love to create a space where they can really let loose.  Set up your own recording studio with soundproof walls and an area to display your instruments.

5. Brewery or Wine Room. There’s no need to go out when you have your own bar at home.  If beer is your drink of choice, design a wet bar with enough seating for a small crowd.  If you prefer wine, create a wine cellar with plenty of storage and a nice spot for hosting wine tastings.

The Brewery Man Cave

Handsome Bar by Spring Creek Design

If it’s hard to decide on just one use for your man cave, combine several to create a multi-use space for all your favorite activities. We’d love to hear your ideas for your own space.  Spring Creek Design has worked with many clients over the years to help them create their man cave paradise.  When you are ready to get creative, contact us!



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