When your family’s growing, sometimes your home has to too. This blended family has a young teen, two young kids, and another on the way! They love their house in Wynnewood, and have already moved once within the same neighborhood. But the teen needs her own space, and the parents need more closet space and a larger master bath. It’s time for a remodel.

So we’re raising the roof and adding heating and cooling for the new attic bedroom, borrowing space from another bedroom for the closet, and reconfiguring the master bath to accommodate two sinks and a new, less claustrophobic shower.

A section of the roof will get a new shed dormer with windows for the new bedroom.

Here it is from the inside.


And here it is with a big hole in it!










Down on the second floor, the master bath is in need of updating and expanding.

2013-03-05 04.14.35


We’ll add a tile-and-glass shower, vanity and mirror.



Behind the large mirror is a closet in another bedroom. The shelving unit is blocking a door that used to allow access to this bath. Instead, we’ll remove the existing closet and turn it into a larger, walk-in closet.

2013-03-05 04.08.38

Check back soon to see our progress!

Are you looking for more room or a better bath? Drop us a line!

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