What separates great contractors from good contractors is their devotion to their clients. They understand that a great client relationship is built on mutual trust and is built for the long haul – not just for one project. They don’t just build a list of customers, they create a community of fans.

Great contractors do these five things to ensure the building process is a positive one for their clients.

1. They Advocate on Your Behalf

Great contractors are committed to making sure you receive quality services at the best possible value. They’ll negotiate rates with subcontractors and suppliers, inspect their work, resolve any problems and make sure the subcontractors stick to the schedule and don’t derail the project timeline. They’ll also work to ensure the work is being done according to plan and to address any concerns inspectors may have about the project.

Great contractors inspire trust and confidence. When your contractor puts your interests first, you won’t lie awake wondering if the electrical work is really going to be done on time or if you’ll be overcharged for the work. Your contractor acts as your advocate and uses his design, construction and project management knowledge to ensure your project meets your expectations.

2. They Provide Realistic Budget Advice

As building experts, contractors know how much things cost, what factors can drive up costs and what can go wrong during a remodel. Great contractors will offer the information you need to make decisions, but they won’t gloss over the details and underestimate the amount you need to get the job done properly. If a certain feature or improvement is beyond your budget, they’ll suggest compromises.

3. They Provide Great Design Services

A great contractor understands that the design process is the most important part of the job. A qualified design team is just as critical as an experienced construction team. Great contractors don’t just dutifully include all of the features you’ve requested. They also look for innovative ways to make sure your new kitchen, family room, or outdoor space truly reflects the way you live. Excellent contractors know how to tweak projects to meet your needs, and balance the creative possibilities with the budget realities.

4. They Communicate Openly

Miscommunications cost time and money. Great contractors make it easy for clients to get the information they need. They promptly return phone calls, emails or texts and provide explanations that are easy to understand. They won’t try to hide bad news, but instead they’ll report problems promptly and offer resolutions that are in your best interest.

The best contractors allow you to track the progress of your project online. With a web-based system, nothing will be a surprise. You’ll be able to log on and instantly see issues that can affect your project, such as change orders and schedule changes.

5. They Stand Behind Their Work with a Robust Warranty

A generous warranty is how great contractors strengthen trust – both before the sale and long after the project is completed. Look for a minimum of 5 years – that is a good indicator that the contractor believes in his work, and cares about your long-term satisfaction. Great contractors know that their business is built on long-term relationships.

Spring Creek Design firmly holds to these five principles of a great contractor. We will advocate on your behalf. We provide realistic budget advice, great design services, and honest, open communication so you can make informed decisions concerning your remodeling project. We back all this up with a comprehensive Lifetime Warrantyto ensure that our work matches your expectations. If you are looking for a remodeling contractor in Chester County, Montgomery County, or the Main Line, we would love to work with you!

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