If it’s your first time, it’s hard to know exactly what to expect when you’re remodeling. And even our serial remodelers with Spring Creek Design tend to forget some of the harder moments, because living in your new space makes everything right in your world.

So you’ve gone through the design process, we’ve got all the approved plans and permits, and the start date’s been set.

You’ve got some work to do too.

First, find a space for the furniture and household goods that will be displaced. Whether it’s one room or a whole-house remodel, the space has to be cleared of everything — and it has to go somewhere:

  • Install shelves or a storage system in the garage or basement (or any place that will be unaffected)
  • Get a pod
  • Rent a storage space


If a kitchen is involved, we’ll work with you to set up a temporary kitchen. But it’s likely your storage space will suffer in the interim. Pare down to the essentials, and pack away everything else. Microwaves, toaster ovens, instant pots, slow cookers, and your outside grill willmake life easier in the day to day.

We can’t lie, a remodeling project is noisy, dirty, and stressful. Some of our clients have chosen, and had the ability, to move out of their homes while we’re working. But that’s not always possible or desirable, and it’s a totally individual choice.


If you’re going to live in the home, do all you can to make the space you will occupy comfortable and adaptable, with spaces for different activities like watching a movie, working on your laptop, or a place for the kids to play and do homework.

If you work from home, scout out other places where you can work — like a co-working space, a quiet coffee shop, or the local library.

We also understand pets are part of the family. Some dogs are fine with strangers and loud noises, for others it causes stress. You know your dog. If your pooch will get stressed, seek out a doggy daycare, or find the quietest spot in the house and set up a crate if your dog is crate-trained and finds it soothing.

Even the most laid-back cats can spook when faced with construction, so secure them in a room or area away from the activity.


The grind will get to you, whether you’re living on-site or off. Decisions and choices that should be easy may seem really difficult as stress builds and takes a toll. It’s hard to have workers and tradespeople crawling all over your home, whether you’re there during the workday or not.

The best way to get through, say our clients, is to keep your eyes on the prize at the end. One of our clients taped the final plan up on the wall in the basement, where the family was temporarily living while the main floor was undergoing its transformation. It was a visual representation of what was at the end of the road.


Now back above ground, it’s all a blurry memory.

“Every morning when I walk into the kitchen, I’m just happier. I can’t believe we get to live in this beautiful space, and it was all worth it.”


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