We’re still pinching ourselves that winter is actually over!

At this time of year it’s important to perform some seasonal checks and maintenance on your home. Once these task are out of the way,  you’re ready to start enjoying your outdoor living spaces. We can’t wait to start spending more time in our outdoor living space, Casa Cielo. But first, lets tackle the Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Here’s what we recommend:

Inspect the following exterior areas of your home:

  1. Siding – look for mold, weathering, missing or damaged pieces.  If it looks dirty, give it a good power washing.
  2. Brick and stucco – inspect for any chipping or water deposits.
  3. Foundation – search for cracks, missing mortar, heaving or deterioration.
  4. Roof – missing, damaged or loose shingles could indicate leaks or water damage.
  5. Gutters – remove debris and ensure that they are securely anchored.
  6. Windows and doors – cracks should be caulked, screens clean and without tears.
  7. Chimney – should be free of debris and checked for missing or cracked joints.
  8. Landscaping – leaves and weeds should be removed from flowerbeds. You should also trim back any shrubs or plants that are touching your house.

Check the following areas and systems inside your home:

  1. Attic – make sure that you don’t have any critters living up there! Look for any mold damage or missing insulation.
  2. HVAC – call in a pro to test your HVAC system. You’ll want to resolve any major issues before the heat of the summer hits.  It’s also always a good practice to change your filters monthly or as often as your system’s manufacturer recommends.
  3. Windows – check the seals on your windows and caulk where necessary.

If you are uncomfortable performing any of these maintenance items, call in a professional.



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