Calling yourself a design+build company has gotten pretty trendy lately. So it’s hard to know exactly what it means.

There’s no one way that the process works best — it depends on who’s doing the work and how. But we’ve been at this for almost 20 years, and over that time, we’ve found the ways that work best for the people who matter — our clients.

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We have created and honed a client-focused design+build process. It hinges on the collaborative working relationship with our clients, where we act as our client’s advocate throughout the design, build and warranty phases of a project. We know it works — our client testimonials and awards from within the industry also tell their own story. But at the very heart of it all is you, your family, and your dreams.



The Heart of it All: Our Clients

Everything we do revolves around our clients. We work with you to customize a  schedule that works for you. It ensures no step is missed or gets less attention. Our online portal makes it easy to see where we are in the remodeling process, and to know what comes next. You can track our pricing and your budget, and be an  active participants in the entire process. We’ve been transparent about how we work for longer than it’s been a buzzword.

Communication Channels: Always Open

Our cloud-based system fosters easy  communication throughout the life of your project. You can keep track of costs on a daily basis, see and anticipate schedule changes, and read our daily logs and see progress photos as we go. You’ll make selections, make and approve changes, and know exactly what’s going to happen next.

So, let’s walk through the steps of the SCD design+build process.  Remodeling a home can be a difficult process. We think the path we have built for you will help you navigate successfully to a new home or space you will love.

Your First Meeting

We’ll come out to your home or the project site  to begin the conversation and the relationship between you and the SCD team. This will be a  thorough discussion of your needs and expectations, the scope of work and your budget, and a review the process.  We’ll do a walk-through of the project space, maybe take a few photos, and get to thinking. It’s important in this meeting to know why you want to change your home, and what that will lead to. How we’re going to do it will come a little bit later.

Your Proposal

In about a week to 10 days, depending on your availability, we’ll meet again. The proposal is a detailed overview of your project, including budget. At this time the design+build agreement is signed. Let’s start making the most of the home you love!

Your Design

This is where ideas turn into actionable  plans. It’s a deep dive into the details. Our architect finalizes the drawings, while our designer customizes the renderings and makes  selection choices. You’ll be guided by our designer in your choices, and that will determine final construction costs.

Your Build

Craftsmanship, quality, and the best materials for the job are the hallmark of our process. We’ll kick off this part of the process with a construction meeting to go over schedules, work days, site management, where your pets will be, when the kids get home from school — all the important details that will make living in a construction site easier. We’ll schedule weekly progress meetings throughout the course of the project.  And from day one, our project manager will be on-site to make sure your project comes in on time and on budget, handle day-to-day details, and ensure a clean and safe environment.

Your New Space

Before you move in, the project space will undergo a thorough inspection and a goal of a zero-item punch list. You receive a binder detailing all the materials used in your project, use and care manuals, and links for more information.

Your Warranty

We offer a  lifetime warranty begins with check-ins at the two-, four-, six- and twelve-month marks to see how everything is working. If you’re not happy, we’ll fix it.

Are You Ready to Remodel?

If you’re ready to make your remodeling or building dreams come true, call us!  We’ll work with you to create the home you’ve always wanted. And if you’re like many of our clients, we’ll continue this relationship over many more projects!   Contact us and start your own process with Spring Creek Design.

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