We join this whole-house remodel and addition in Chester County already in progress. The scope of this project is far-reaching, but it’s going to be be spectacular when it’s done.

Our clients bought an amazing multi-acre spread of land with existing historic structures, surrounded by hills and bordered by other large properties off a winding country lane.

We’ve done eight other projects with these clients, and we always look forward to working with them. We started by building a barn for their two pigs well down the hill from the main house before the remodeling began. Also on the property are several other buildings, and a pool.

The main house consisted of a stone structure dating from the 1800s, and an addition put on in the 1970s. From the original details on the staircase, the fireplaces, and the original living room, it was clear this was a gracious home. Some doors had their original locksets. The 1970s additions didn’t add to that feel, so they had to go. Our clients wanted to restore its classic luster, while updating it for how they live now.



The family room fireplace has an old pothanger.




The 1970s-era additions were clad in panels, most painted white. The new additions are clad in stone. Our masons got the pointing just right — it’s difficult to see where the old stone ends and the new begins, even if you know exactly where to look.



An expansive back patio is covered by a beautifully crafted trussed roof.




Inside, we used new and salvaged materials to add history and heritage to the new additions. The inside stonework that’s now exposed got repointed.



Hardwood floors in the new section are stained to match the color of the wood floor in the original part of the house, and a reclaimed barn beam was added to the kitchen-family room space.



New windows will match the original multi-panes, set with deep sills throughout.


The bathrooms are all getting new tile, and are all different. This timeless mix of shapes in one of the daughters’ baths is timeless and elegant — especially against the mauve walls.


There’s more to come — including a master suite in the new addition featuring a fireplace and French doors opening to a private balcony.

Take a look at another project we have in progress, there’ll be updates soon for that!

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