Exterior: Melding Old and New in a Farmhouse Remodel and Addition in Malvern |

Exterior: Melding Old and New in a Farmhouse Remodel and Addition in Malvern

Posted on Jan 9, 2019 in Addition, Blog, Exterior

It was the largest and longest remodeling project we’ve done — and the results are spectacular. At our remodel and addition at the Malvern farmhouse, so many details, and a lot of innovative design, went into creating harmony between the older estate asthetic and the more modern notes.

This is the front view of the home — the bulk of the exterior remodel took place off to the right wing of the house. This part of the home did get a new roof and new copper gutters and downspouts. The original part of the home is what we used as a basis for the new part of the design.

That small square window under the dormer on the far right is the rear of the garage, which you see below from the front and side.

This is what we started with — servicable, but not very interesting. This end of the home was an addition dating to the 1970s, with not much thought given to the period and design cues of the older home. Inside and out, it was dated.

The garage remained, but everything on the side of the home was reimagined. The outside shed housed the utiities. It was rendered useless in the redesign as all the mechanicals for the geo-thermal system are housed inside the rebuilt structure. So we could move the footprint of that part of the home out and gain interior space.

The family entrance stayed in the same general place, though the door was moved to the left side, to accomodate the new powder room and mudroom. We added living space to the two-story structure, adding a family dining area off the kitchen downstairs — the window bumpout creates a sunny nook. Upstairs, there’s a new master suite with walk-in closets and a fireplace — with balcony access from the French doors.

The Timber Frame

The new timber frame structure adds outdoor living space, along with a grill on the stone patio. The copper roof is echoed by the new roof over the family entrance.

The fold-away doors allow a seamless flow from the family room in good weather, and the underside of the structure is beautiful and finely crafted, with ceiling fans and lighting to create indoor/outdoor living.

The glass barrier around the master bedroom balcony allows unimpeded views of the surrounding farmland and woods.

The slight obsession with copper includes all the gutters and downspouts on the new slate roof, the snow guards, and the pole or Yankee gutters, as seen on the lower left of this photo. Yankee gutters are period-appropriate for the age of the original home.

We’ll be back in a few weeks with the completed interior — you’re gonna love it. Take a look at where we were a few months ago here and here!

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